How to Deal with Rsync Error 23?

Keren Xu


Rsync is a fast file copy tool which can help migrate files to remote shell.
After using rsync -rltvP /home/rcf-proj/xxx/yyy/ /project/aaa/bbb/ from this post Migrating your data from rcf-proj to the new project file system, I encountered a rsync error code 23 which represents partial migration. It usually means that some files were not transferred due to permission denied. So how do we know which files were failed to be transfer?
Here is the code that we need: rsync -azhvnq /home/rcf-proj/xxx/yyy/ /project/aaa/bbb/
-n represents dry run, that is a trial run with no change made.
-q represents quiet, that is only showing error messages.

Then only error messages about files that were failed to be transferred will be printed out in the terminal.